Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweet Potato Pizzas

Everyone has their weaknesses, their diet-busters, their evil temptresses.  One of mine, as you may have guessed, is popcorn.  Unfortunately, since I am striving to lead a Paleo lifestyle, popcorn is a no-go.  (Still searching for a good nut-free Paleo cracker recipe.  If you find one, please pass it on!)  The big temptation for my husband is pizza.  He is a pizza fanatic.  So when he pointed this recipe out to me online, he asked me to make it for him, hoping to scratch the pizza itch in a healthier way.

To be honest, I thought it sounded gross.  The ingredients didn't sound like they'd combine into something I wanted to eat.  Thankfully, I was a good wife and made him what he wanted.  I tried a bite ... and LOVED it!  So happy I trusted him!  These Sweet Potato Pizzas are not the same as a crispy-crusted calorie bomb from your favorite pie shop, but they are a tasty dish nonetheless.  And if you are craving pizza but don't want the gluten-and-grain crust, here is a good place to go to feed your need.  Find my recipe at GCH.

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