Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spinach Banchan and Cucumber Salad Banchan -- Korean Basics

Last week I posted my recipe for Dubu Buchim at GCH.  Then I had requests:  "Can we have some recipes for things to eat with it?"  Of course!  Banchans for everyone!

This week's post at GCH is for two of my favorite banchans:  spinach banchan, and a cucumber salad.  The spinach banchan is a recipe you'll want to learn and memorize, since it is a component in many other Korean recipes, like Japchae, Kimbap, and Bibimbap.  The cucumber banchan is spicy-sweet and very refreshing when paired with hot rice and kimchee.  Ready for the link?  Here it is!  Girlfriend's Coffee Hour:  What's on Your Plate?  -- Korean Banchans!

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