Wednesday, March 10, 2010


DISCLAIMER: I am not a professionally trained chef. I am not even an unprofessionally trained chef. I just like to cook. And eat. A lot.

I also hate waste. Throwing things in the trash that still have potential of some kind makes me sick with rage. So when I read recipes that call for a tiny amount of something I don't have any other use for, I usually won't make that recipe, so I don't have to waste the excess. Weird? Maybe.

That's why I wanted to start blogging about how to cook frugally. Look, no one loves a fancy meal in a restaurant more than I do. I could gorge myself on foie gras and caviar all day, and wash it down with a full bottle of a rare vintage of red and die happy. But I can't afford to eat like that every day, and chances are, neither can you. So my goal is to write about how I cook, what I shop for, how I play with recipes to make the most out of them for my family, and just generally muse about food.

Please enjoy!

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